Q. How do I submit my film?

A. We currently use FilmFreeway and Withoutabox to manage all feature and short film submissions.


Q. I'm not sure if my film is a feature or a short film?

A. Under 45mins is classified as a short film, over 45mins is considered a feature film. However for the Queer and Screendance submissions, films must not exceed 15mins.


Q.  My film is eligible for multiple categories, do I have to submit to them all?

A. No, you only need to submit once to the category you feel best suits your feature or short fillm. If your film is selected but we feel it would fit into another category we will contact you to discuss this.


Q. When should my film be completed to be eligible to submit?

A. All films must have been made after 1st January to be considered.


Q. How many films can I submit?

A. As long as they are all different films and fit the guidelines, there is no limit to how many films you can submit.


Q. What are the deadlines for submitting to Leeds International Film Festival?

A. For 2019 the dates are as follows:

Submission Opening: 7th December

Early bird: 1st April

Regular: 1st July

Late: 9th August


Q. What are the prizes if my film wins?

A. Depending upon the category, each filmmaker will be awarded a short film award, and a cash prize. Please check our filmfreeway or withoutabox pages for more information.


Q. I'm a distributor and wish to submit multiple films.

A. Please contact us directly at leeds.film@leeds.gov.uk to discuss how to do this.


Q. My previous films have been shown at LIFF before and I'd like to submit a new film. 

A. We love to support festival alumni! Please email us at leeds.film@leeds.gov.uk and let us know (once we have confirmed through our many, many records) we will be in touch with more details.


Q. I'm a local filmmaker, do I get any discounts?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer discounts for local filmmakers.


Q. My film covers a sensitive/explicit topic, will it still be considered?

A. Absolutely! We welcome films for all ages. However, if you would like to submit your film to Leeds Young Film Festival instead, please click the link.


Q. I am unable to pay the submission fee due to restrictions in my country.

A. Please contact us directly with as much information as possible, including information regarding your film submission, a trailer/screener via Vimeo/Youtube and any other details you feel are necessary.


Q. I'm having issues submitting my film on filmfreeway or withoutabox

A. Please contact www.filmfreeway.com/help or www.withoutabox.com/browse/filmmaker/faq


Q. If successful, when would my film be shown?

A. LIFF2019 will be held 6th November - 21st November 2019, however more information regarding the specific short film categories will be posted on our website, and in our programme.


Q. I've submitted my film, what now?

A. Ensuring all fees have been paid, or we have been in touch with you regarding specific information, then relax! You can keep up to date with LIFF updates @leedsfilmfest on Twitter and if successful, you will be notified 20th September 2019.


If you have any questions that have not been answered here please feel free to contact the LIFF Team at: leeds.film@leeds.gov.uk