The screening of Being Natural on 11 November will include a Q&A with director Tadashi Nagayama and actor Natsuki Mieda.

Caring for his uncle with dementia, Taka lodges in an idyllic thatched cottage in the countryside. When the uncle’s son Mitsuaki returns, his quiet life of caring and bongo-playing seems in doubt, until he and childhood friend Sho are reunited in friendship. But unwelcome visits by a nature-obsessed family from Tokyo threaten to overturn this bucolic existence. At heart a gentle pastoral comedy and satire of romanticised country life, in the hands of Tadashi Nagayama (director of 2016’s Journey of the Tortoise), events start to take a very unexpected direction.

‘I’m inspired from uneasiness and anger in daily life. More specifically, I think society and the politics today are discriminating against inactive people, who are not favoured with opportunities. The main character in this film is a middle-aged man with no steady job, no dream, and not willing to build a family. I wanted to show that even someone who is considered unproductive and useless for society, also has his own definition of happiness.’ Tadashi Nagayama, Director.