I AM THE LAW! Forget about ‘that’ Stallone film and immerse yourself in the work that got the classic British comic character Judge Dredd right. With its almost real time setting, Dredd is not only a brilliantly-conceived example of genre cinema, it’s also a great dystopian sci-fi realised in a uniquely British style. While it had a muted release, Dredd, written and produced by Alex Garland (Ex Machina / Annihilation), went on to become a cult favourite. During LIFF 2018 you can experience it in the dramatic setting of Leeds Town Hall.

'Everybody was very passionate about the film. The detail came from everyone’s passion, to be true to the source material. Alex Garland was fanatically passionate about that, the art department too… From the people who designed the bike and the suit to the set, everyone immersed themselves in that world, to do justice to the comics. The comics are really beautiful. Beautifully written, powerful stories…’ Pete Travis, Director