From the original manga and anime series comes a brand new live action sci-fi superhero showdown from Shinsuke Sato. The ineffectual father of an uncaring family and with even more bad news on the way, Inuyashiki is suddenly struck by a mysterious explosion, awaking to discover his body has acquired fantastically powerful robotic innards. Unsure of the extent of his abilities, but resolving to do good, he is unaware that a teenager, Shishigami, was also caught in the same explosion. Shishigami may have similar powers, but he harbours more psychopathic tendencies.

'In all cases, I take a lot of time preparing before shooting, and I try to figure out what the core scenes are. For example, what the final fight scene is going to look like, where the suspense is going to come in, but there is a lot of difficulty in approaching the visual and story elements. What I do is that I shoot quite a lot of things on video, make detailed plans, and relay this information to my staff to make sure that they know what needs to be done.' Shinisuke Sato, Director.