A raw and uncompromising debut from Reinaldo Marcus Green, Monsters and Men explores the aftermath of an unarmed black man’s shooting by police in a powerful indictment of modern American society. The film eschews easy answers for a nuanced and complex examination of a generation torn apart by racial divides and an imbalance of power that favours only a small percentage of the population.. ‘A compelling study of racial turmoil to fit our confused times... the movie not only illustrates the power of modern activism; in its final moments, it becomes such an act itself.’ (Indiewire)

‘I just kept thinking about reflections. We all have good and bad in us. We’re all imperfect. We’re just human...That’s sort of a theme that is rolled out throughout the rest of the film, that’s what we carry the rest of the movie with, that sort of rally call. I am my other fellow human. We all have to look at ourselves and try to reflect.’ Reinaldo Marcus Green, Director.