The screening of Nightshooters features a Q&A with director Marc Price and members of the cast and crew.

A hapless film crew accidentally witness a gangland killing while making a low-budget martial arts zombie movie in a disused office block. Realising they’ve been seen, the gang boss sends his goons after the terrified filmmakers who must use all their wits and skills to survive the night. Marc Price, famous for making Colin (LIFF 2008), the £45 zombie film, will present his inventive and entertaining horror crime thriller comedy action movie and give a post-screening Q&A along with cast and crew (along with a few extra surprises).

‘Blending elements of the crime caper, the chase flick, gore-horror and the revenge movie, Nightshooters then moves through a series of set pieces as the thugs from the gang discover the ‘film students’ make for far tougher opponents than they had anticipated... Amidst the bloodletting and mayhem, there’s an emotional texture too.’ Rich Cross, Starburst.