In this debut anime feature from Hiroyasu Ishida, Aoyama is a serious 10 year-old boy who records all of his day-to-day experiences in his notebook. One day in May, penguins inexplicably appear in his home town, despite it being located a long way from the sea. When Aoyama sees ‘Big Sis’ drop a soft drink can which inexplicably turns into a penguin, he decides to investigate and resolve the mystery behind these strange events. ‘Highly imaginative and definitely original, Penguin Highway will fill viewers of all ages with wonder.’ (Eye for Film)

'I wanted to draw with all my passion a story about a pure and earnest young boy. I wanted to show the beauty of the world that the boy sees. Penguin Highway was the perfect work for that. It is a very charming work, but for me, it also had many parts I was worried about and the more I thought about it the more I wondered if I would be able to depict the real intentions the author had with the book, even though I was focusing on the source. However, in the end, my passion to turn the story into an anime overwhelmed my worries.' Hiroyasu Ishida, Director.