Trucking stranger Goro rides into town and takes shelter in a failing out-of-the-way ramen restaurant. He takes pity on the downtrodden proprietress Tampopo, and with a diverse team of local noodle, broth and topping experts sets out to turn Tampopo’s tired old joint into the finest in Tokyo. Into this light soupy story many satirical ingredients are mixed: Tampopo’s buffet of deliciousness riffs on Japanese corporate culture, internationalism, domestic relations, cinema and always sex. One of the best Japanese films of the 1980s, Tampopo is impossible to watch without dreaming of hearty post-movie eats.

'I made this movie entirely out of things I like. Ramen noodles, Westerns, some parts of Tokyo, and these actors. A long time ago, I had this idea of making a film concerning human behavior about food, because a sensual movie could be made from such a theme. I began collecting episodes, but thought there would be no way to string them all into a workable film. Then I considered doing something about a noodle shop, and doing it as a Western. But I still wanted to fit those episodes in. So I thought of the Buñuel film The Phantom of Liberty, the kind of film where the last thing of the scene before leads to the next event — that kind of quick-change thing.' Juzo Itami, Director.