Screenings with special guest director Jim Finn.

Cult mockumentary auteur Jim Finn (Interkosmos, The Juche Idea) returns with an epistolary, musical reimagining of Wuthering Heights by Branwell—the tubercular, alcoholic and opium-addicted brother of Emily Brontë. Assembled from early cinema style fragments, the story is reimagined as a musical memoir based on Branwell’s life after realising that he was the model for the alcoholic Hindley Earnshaw character. Following the screening Jim Finn will run a tabletop role-playing game in front of the audience based on Branwell’s altered reality version of his sister’s novel.

'If you have the ability to make people laugh, that’s basically the equivalent of grabbing someone by the balls in the film world. You have them — they’re not going anywhere — if you can make them laugh. If you can make someone laugh out loud multiple times, that is fucking gold. [And once I have their attention], I then go in this other direction of dry political commentary.' Jim Finn, Director.