In what is reportedly his last film role, Robert Redford plays real life criminal Forrest Tucker who spent his life constantly escaping prison, in the latest film from David Lowery (A Ghost Story) which also stars Sissy Spacek and Casey Affleck. Redford brings a natural blend of easygoing charm and steely determination to a delightful comedy drama. ‘Robert Redford robs banks and steals your heart. And whether David Lowery’s exuberant gift of a film reps his final bow or not, Redford gives a virtuoso performance that feels like a valedictory. You want to salute him.’ (Rolling Stone)

‘I wasn’t excited necessarily about making a bank robber movie or a cops and robbers movie. Because the truth is that’s not that exciting to me, it’s not my forte. Making the Robert Redford movie was really exciting to me... a truly classic Redford film, in the spirit of the things that he made his name with, was too good an opportunity to pass up.’ David Lowery, Director.

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