Despite warnings from hermit Old Man Lucky –Monkey, Bobby, his friend Akkun and Derrick the cat explore the local mountains, where they discover a mysterious alien invasion-themed amusement park. Little do they or we know the truly deranged horror and grotesquery awaiting these innocents. Filmed live in ‘Geki-mation’ - painstakingly hand-painted cardboard cutouts with in-camera effects - this colourful fairytale aesthetic erupts in a torrent of grotesque mutilation, child-robot hybrids, bodily fluids and forest animals. A uniquely entertaining, disturbing and unforgettable film.

'A one-of-a-kind animated film with direction, screenplay and cinematography handled by newcomer creator Ujicha, who resides in Kyoto and pioneers his audacious visuals are anchored in "gekimation," in which cut-out pictures move against the background which also features live action footage.' Japan Foundation.