For his much-anticipated fourth feature after Hunger, Shame and 12 Years a Slave, Steve McQueen takes a different direction with white-knuckle heist thriller Widows. Co-written by Gone Girl creator Gillian Flynn – and for those who may remember, based on Lynda La Plante’s ‘80s ITV series – Widows is the story of four women who take fate into their own hands when faced with a ruinous debt left over after the deaths of their criminal husbands. ‘This is precision entertainment, a crackling, pulse-pounding heist movie with a sterling cast, a whip-smart script, and undeniable social resonance.’ (The Film Stage)

'The shot with Colin Farrell as he drives from an impoverished neighborhood to a wealthy neighborhood is getting a lot of attention, but it just encapsulates everything that’s going on in this movie. There are about four things going on in that one shot. Again, you must understand, that I’m a British filmmaker so we have to try to stretch a pound. There’s an economic value to it as well. And sometimes limitation is freedom. I think layers are just so important - so how do you reflect that in life? You’re going from the South side of Chicago, downtown, to this affluent neighborhood in one ride. You see the landscape change in the journey. You see the private and the public.' - Steve McQueen, Director.

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