Super Furball

One day, Emilia’s pet guinea pig bites her finger, transforming her into a furry superhero. As Super Furball, Emilia finds ways to be more courageous…

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Josje, a primary school teacher, accidentally breaks an ancient artifact in her Aunt's home and transforms into a super heroine who saves animals that…

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Tales From Earthsea

Something strange is happening in the land of Earthsea. A mysterious force threatens the kingdom and risks plunging humanity into destruction.

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Tito and the Birds

Outstandingly beautiful animation about 10 year old Tito and friends who set out to find his father's missing research on bird songs, something that…

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09/05/19 09/05/19
Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer’s captivatingly strange sci-fi drama took everyone by surprise on its release in 2013 and has rapidly gained a reputation as a modern…

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Mischievous Vitello is full of beans and has his good friends Max and Hasse but misses having a father in his life, so he decides to go off in search…

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