04/11/17 04/11/17
Yorkshire Short Film Competition

Join us on a journey around the UK’s greatest county, through a collection of short films which exemplify the magnificent work of Yorkshire…

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15/11/17 16/11/17
You Were Never Really Here - Fanomenon: Closing Film

A pulse-quickening thriller that hones in on a frayed, fascinating character and stays right with him.

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03/11/17 03/11/17

One of the most influential political thrillers of all time, Costa Gavras’ Z is a thinly fictionalised account of the events surrounding the…

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08/11/17 08/11/17
Zabriskie Point

Michelangelo Antonioni’s underappreciated tale of campus radicals, free love, stoned hippies and social unrest deserves to be seen on the big screen…

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