Over one long wild night, meek computer programmer Paul attempts endlessly to go home but is thwarted at each and every attempt by a series of macabre coincidences and mishaps. Paul’s evening starts out promisingly - a possible date is on the cards. But then he loses his taxi fare en-route, a fateful event that is only the first in a series of bizarre twists. Martin Scorsese‘s often-overlooked cult comedy is a witty, deftly-spun yarn of nefarious New York paranoia, and trippy insight into NYC’s tribal 1980s headspace. For night-owls everywhere.

‘After hours is to some extent a parody of Hitchcock’s style… The scene when Paul is running with the invitation in his hand – there’s a shot of the hand with the ground below – basically this refers back to a moment in Marnie where she’s holding the gun going to shoot the horse. When I first saw Marnie, that shot remained in my mind and I kept going back.’ Martin Scorsese, Director