On the cusp of independence, several high school friends in Modesto, California spend the final night of their 1962 summer vacation around the strip mall - getting together, breaking up, having fun. George Lucas’ second feature cuts nimbly between several criss-crossing vignettes as the friends spread out, re-group and intersect. With its attractive veneer of pop music, car culture and lives on the up, American Graffiti is full of the optimistic present. It’s exhilarating cinema that made careers of many of its stars, and it all points at tantalising futures.

‘After I did American Graffiti, and it was successful, it was a big moment for me because I really did sit down with myself and say, Okay, now I am a director. Now I know I can get a job. I can work in this industry, and apply my trade, and express my ideas on things and be creative in a way that I enjoy.’ George Lucas, Director