The screening of Await Further Instructions on Saturday 3 November will have special guests Gavin Williams (writer), Neerja Naik (actress) and Jack Tarling (producer).

With his girlfriend Annji, Nick visits his parents’ home on Christmas Eve for the first time in years. Awaking on Christmas morning, the dysfunctional family find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. The only information is an ominous message on the TV: ‘Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions’. As they descend into paranoia and accusations, the television exerts an ever more sinister grip on them and their disagreements escalate into bloody carnage. Following The Disappeared (LIFF 2008), Johnny Kevorkian returns with a claustrophobic, Cronenbergian nightmare.

‘Families tend to always argue when they get together over Christmas, it seems to generally bring out the worst in people. Now imagine locking those families together in one house and then dousing them with fear and paranoia. You’re left with the most extreme and horrible scenario imaginable, which is what AFI shows us.’ Jonny Kavorkian, Director.


Also part of the Day of the Dead