Zain, a boy of around 12 stands up in court and declares that he wishes to sue his parents. What could have led him to this point? Flashing back, we learn that his family has become overwhelmed – too many kids, not enough love – and that Zain has been living on the streets, eking out a life not just for him but for another young soul as well. This rousing, realist Beirut-set street epic, the winner of the Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, packs an enthralling and emotional wallop.

‘I think I'm not the only person being moved by the sight of all these children that we see everywhere, and it’s a problem that we see in all the big cities in the world with these economic and refugee crises, and the number of children in child labor, the number of children…paperless children, is growing by the millions now... and I wanted to turn this anger into something.’ Nadine Labaki, Director.