Chuskit is 9 years old, and yearns to go to school, but because of an accident which leaves her disabled, her grandfather tells her she won't be able to. But Chuskit refuses to let go of her dreams and won't let her family's traditional background dictate her future; everyone should have access to an education. A beautiful, heart warming story set in Tibet.

Presented in partnership with Film 50:50

We are delighted to be working with Film 50:50 initiative in Leeds by showing and raising awareness of films promoting women filmmakers.

The idea to show films by women writers/directors is rooted in four simple principles:

  • To show films made and/or directed by women
  • To show films on every genre -not just films about women or aimed at women
  • To show films by women from all over the world
  • To show films that attract a diverse audience

Film 50:50 has a growing number of partners including Leeds City Council, Women’s Lives Leeds, Leeds University and A Listening Space. You can find out more here


Short Film "Granbad" directed by Annabel Vine precedes this Feature Film.

A young dyslexic boy inadvertently shows a bully that it isn’t ‘soppy’ to love your Grandad and like spending time with him.

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