Director Ben Wheatley visits LIFF 2018 for a Q&A after the screening on 2 November at Hyde Park Picture House.

Ben Wheatley shows his chops as Britain’s most versatile director, following heist thriller Free Fire with this penetrating dysfunctional family drama. The film was shot quickly under the radar earlier in the year and the style suits the subject, following an increasingly fractious New Year’s party at a stately home, organised by the titular Colin for his extended family and derailed by a surprise appearance from his estranged brother David. It bristles with cutting lines and edgy performances from an outstanding ensemble cast including Neil Maskell, Sam Riley, Hayley Squires, and Doon Mackichan.

‘I really liked the idea of a character who was asked to do something by everybody, and then he does it, and then suddenly everyone changes ninety degrees and says, 'No, that wasn't what we wanted at all.' I mean, that seems to be like life generally; that you just read it wrong and get it wrong and then it's a rearguard action of fighting your way back out of the corner.’ Ben Wheatley, Director