Everyone's talking about VR, so why should and how can you include virtual reality in your filmmaking skillset? Discover the different genres and uses of virtual reality from expert makers over lunch, with a chance to try a variety of VR projects first hand.

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Panelists include:

Rosie Summers (Chair: VR Animator and filmmaker)

Rosie Summers

Rosie is an artist and animator embracing immersive mediums to explore and tell stories in a completely new form. She has a wealth of experience with VR, producing multiple experiences for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, and as a VR artist, quickly creating powerful 3D immersive worlds. She has worked with multiple studios around the Leeds area and recently curated the VR zone at Leeds Young Film Festival.

Monique Dewanchand (Blender)

Monique Dewanchand

Software Engineer with 18+ years of experience in developing all kinds of software.
Joined Blender in 2008. Developed a tool to manage assets in a Blender production pipeline. This tool was used for the open movie Sintel. In 2010 started work on the new Tiles Compositor using OpenCL which was released in 2012. The new compositor was used for the open movie Tears of Steel.
Currently Monique is developing a crowd simulation add on for Blender and she started B3d101, a platform with 3D learning content for young students. B3d101 offers free tutorials on how to create 3D models, games and animations using Blender and Python. These tutorials are used by many schools worldwide, including the CodeClub.

Tom Haines (3Dami)

Tom Haines

Tom is a lecturer in machine learning at the University of Bath, as well as the technical director of 3Dami. Research interests extend to computer vision and graphics, including tools for digital artists. At 3Dami he is responsible for a summer school where pre-university students make 3D animated films from scratch, in just seven days (search for 3Dami on YouTube). He wrote the 200+ page book used by the event, tutors students, solves their hardest problems, and writes custom software to assist them with finishing their film.

Aaron Bradbury (Vestige VR)

Aaron Bradbury

Aaron Bradbury is the Director of Immersion at NSC Creative, based at the National Space Centre in the UK. He has directed many immersive projects for corporate clients, educational institutions and theme park attractions. He also has a background in the arts with a First Class, Fine Art Painting degree and several years experience as a digital artist working in interactive installation.
Over the past 10 years he has been working with immersive media and developing his own artistic approach to immersive filmmaking. His personal works have been supported by Arts Council England, the British Council and the UK Film Council. His award winning animations have been screened at many film festivals worldwide, most notably Cannes, Tribeca, IDFA, AFI, SXSW, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Annecy, Animated Encounters, and David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.
From his personal and professional works he has become a prominent figure in the immersive media industry. His research on immersive cinematography has been published in several academic journals worldwide and he has been invited to present his films and artistic insights at conferences and festivals worldwide such as Siggraph, Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival, IDFA Doc Lab, Imersa, iX Symposium, CalArts and Macau International Fulldome Festival. In 2017 he was invited to consult on immersive content creation for Steven Spielberg.

Alex Rühl (Independent VR film producer)

Alex Ruhl

Alex Rühl is an award-winning VR filmmaker and founder of VR production studio CATS are not PEAS. Her critically acclaimed drama Keyed Alike starring Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones) has been showcased at film festivals and art galleries worldwide and distributed by the premium VR platform Jaunt. Alex won the ‘Pioneers of Immersive Realities’ award 2018.

Jamie Hutchison (Studio 12)

Jamie Hutchison

A continual passion of mine is to provide a free, accessible multifunctional space for people. Where people can access the latest industry developments, software, and hardware. A space that allows people to grow, develop and find a way into a positive and fulfilling role within the media arts industry. We are very lucky in Leeds to have such a place with Studio12. Each year I open my door to 1000’s of young people with the expectation of discovering the latest groundbreakers from this city. To be in a position where I can offer opportunities to young people to reach their full potential fills me with great honour and I champion the talent we have, and to support the great creativity and richness in this city. Studio12 specialises in media arts programming including film, VR, 3d, Music and Photography.