With special guests Paul Sng (producer) and accomplished photographers Joanne Coates and Les Monaghan.

Arriving with endorsements from Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Loach and Alan Moore, Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience is an essential new book with photographs and untold stories from people who have been left out of the media narrative and left behind by government policy. Editor Paul Sng is also the director of the recent documentary about notorious band Sleaford Mods who perfectly articulate the rage of this trend for social exclusion. The film screening will be followed by a panel Q&A to discuss the book with Paul Sng and accomplished photographers Joanne Coates and Les Monaghan.

"This is a class that have everything taken from them and are then derided for the want of it: denied a functional education they are typified as ignorant, robbed of their jobs they are called benefit scroungers and, while effectively silenced in any cultural or social debate, are seen as inarticulate. This magnificent and very timely book puts the lie to that with its sensitive portraits – some inspiring, some heart-breaking, some both at once – of a diverse, various and above all resilient people who, when given a voice, have stories that urgently need to be listened to. This is a profoundly important human document, haunting for all the right reasons, and must be read."
Alan Moore, Artist.

Copies of ‘Invisible Britain’ will be available to purchase at the event from Blackwell Books. Signed copies will be available.