Five stories focusing on women’s experiences by acclaimed female filmmakers from Canada, Iran, Poland, Spain and the UK. The shorts have previously featured in competition at Leeds International Film Festival and are Triple F-Rated which means they are both written / directed by women and feature significant women on screen.

Blue Grey
Directed by Zoe Kinross | UK | 2016 | 21min
Blue Grey is an intimate and unflinchingly documentary about a filmmaker’s perception of her mother’s mental health, told through a series of personal interviews and the creation of of artistic portraits. Presented at LIFF 2016 in the Yorkshire Short Film Competition.

Directed by Alba Tejero | Spain | 2016 | 14min
After the death of two of her classmates, Julia struggles to feel any sadness. Choked by the suffocating mourning, and by a deep resentment, she decides to write something that could have dire consequences. Presented at LIFF 2017 in the Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition.

Directed by Farnoosh Samadi | Iran, Italy | 2017 | 15min
On her journey home from work, a woman witnesses a crime taking place on the bus and must decide whether to speak up. A subtle and tense film that explores the consequences of doing a good deed. Presented at LIFF 2018 in the Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition.

Directed by Marianne Farley | Canada | 2017 | 19min
On discovering that her carer is lesbian, Marguerite begins to open up about her past and shares her own experience of unacknowledged longing. A gentle look at love, kindness and affection. Presented at LIFF 2018 in the Leeds International Queer Short Film Competition.

Morning Has Broken 
Directed by Olga Chajdas | Poland | 2017 | 15min
Without emotion, a woman murders her husband and daughter. She wakes up the next morning and begins her daily routine. A powerful film about alienation, loneliness and losing oneself. Presented at LIFF 2018 Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition.