Mike Leigh delivers an impassioned warning against political complacency in his latest film which focuses on the infamous Peterloo massacre of 1819 when a demonstration for political reform led to the deaths of many protestors. Leigh has crafted a tense piece of work as he chronicles the events leading up to the tragic day and shows a political class convinced that reform equals revolution. With some strong performances by the likes of Maxine Peake and Rory Kinnear, this is some of Leigh’s most fierce and powerful work. We are delighted to welcome Mike Leigh in person at LIFF2018 for a Q&A after the screening for the 7pm showing.

‘I had the idea quite a long time ago, before I ever had the idea of making period films, that someone ought to make a film about Peterloo...this is actually very prescient, very relevant to things that are happening. And now, four to five years later, having made the film, it resonates with so many things. The meaning of the concept of democracy needs to be scrutinized.’ Mike Leigh, Director.


Please note the 3pm showing does not include a Q&A with the director.