Philip, a disgraced puppeteer, returns to his childhood home carrying a large holdall that contains his latest creation, a truly disturbing nightmarish creature. Arriving at the house he finds his stepfather still living in squalor and is forced to confront the dark secrets that have tortured him for his entire life. Matthew Holness’s debut feature film is bleak and creepy with a stunning performance from Sean Harris as the tormented Philip. Guaranteed to fill you with dread, Possum will stay with you long after the end credits have rolled.

'In terms of filmmaking itself, I think that horror is perhaps the most malleable genre we have, the most honest and potentially the most progressive. It’s the best genre in which to discuss what’s wrong in the world and, when it’s done with sincerity and passion, reveals and informs as much as any other work of art. And it’s the ideal genre to hone your skills as a director because scaring an audience is hard, and you really know when you’ve screwed up.' Matthew Holness, Director.

Also part of Day of the Dead