Politically supercharged satire Sorry to Bother You by outspoken rapper turned filmmaker Boots Riley is a must-see at LIFF 2018. Skewering its targets in every direction from fat cat capitalists to racist institutions, the story follows Cassius Green (the brilliant Lakeith Stanfield) who gets a new job at a call centre and is coached into immediate success by a veteran colleague (Danny Glover), inciting him to ‘use his white voice’. Riley escalates the satire from there, ricocheting from comic vignettes to confrontational agitprop to demented fantasy, in a wildly inventive, hugely entertaining cinematic ride.

'When I set out to write the movie, there was nothing in my head that was fantastical. But as I took the journey with Cassius I realised that some of the things I wanted to talk about, the bigger ideas, could start feeling heavy-handed or the dialogue could feel corny. In trying to avoid cliché, I realised that if I bent the reality of the world that was there, it actually drew attention to that parallel point in our actual reality. I think that what I tried to convey in this is that through all the craziness, there’s an optimism that comes when you realize there’s a way to fight back.' Boots Riley, Director.