In December 2016 the learning-disabled Finnish punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - stars of The Punk Syndrome (2012) - retired. This is a remarkable follow-up documentary about the last years of the band as they play nearly 300 gigs in 16 countries, grapple with the pressures of sudden fame, including representing Finland at the Eurovision as the cracks begin to show. Kari struggles with the temptations and responsibilities brought by publicity; Sami extends his territory to politics and religion; Toni’s and the band’s roadie Niila’s crush on the same girl caused conflicts; and songwriter Pertti decides to retire.

'We are straight up punk rockers. We are rebelling against society in different ways, but we are not political. We are changing attitudes somewhat, a lot of people are coming to our gigs and we have a lot of fans. We don’t want people to...feel sorry for us, we are not that different from everybody else – just normal guys with a mental handicap.' – Pertti Kurikka Nimipäivät, Finnish punk rock band