Soothing birdsong filters through dense forest vegetation only to be drowned out by the catacylsmic roar of buzzing chainsaws. Thus begins a documentary comprising thirteen 360° panning shots or tableaux, celebrating both Henry David Thoreau’s similarly titled work, in praise of nature and self-sufficiency, and the German word wald meaning forest. As soon as we align our breathing with the slow rhythm of the shots a surprising odyssey opens out before us of the paradoxical migration of wood from Austrian forests to a secret, far-off destination.

'Walden is a meticulously flowing, cosmopolitan reflection, that by example of an international trade route provides hyper realistic insights into different working worlds. With a constant slow pace, the
camera turns on its own axis. This extreme slowing-down sensitizes the viewer into a trancelike observation of details. This unusually cautious scanning of the surroundings is an invitation to reflect in-depth upon the different socio-political realities and word views.' Daniel Zimmermann, Director.